Kojic Acid Soap

kojic acid soapSkin lightening from kojic acid only lasts if you continue using it on a regular basis…  meaning if you stop, the pigmentation should return to normal after a few weeks.

The secret is regular use. One of the things people love so much about kojic acid soap is it’s such an easy way to do this.  Simply lather up in the shower with it instead of your regular bar soap.

Everyone has heard of Irish Spring! The so called “European inspired” soap that smells like a so called spring in Ireland (yeah, right!). But how long have you known about kojic acid soap? I bet you probably haven’t very long, and the reason being is because it’s not your average run of the mill kind of soap. This is like no other – it actually works to lighten the color of your skin. Now this might not sound like the type of soap that catches your interests, but for people that have freckles, age spots and problems with skin discoloration this product would be right up their alley.

Many people are born with freckles and other people spend day in and day out in the sun. Even though these are two completely different reasons for skin discoloration they have one thing in common, people want these babies gone. Although there are a a number of products that help with this problem I will talk about one in particular with strong roots in Japan.

Kojic Acid soap is made from Kojic acid, which comes from a fungi that is multi dimensional with roots in Japan around the late 1990’s. The Japanese are said to use this product in their foods for it’s alleged antioxidant properties. It has recently been discovered that this acid can actually be combined with other compounds and substances as a treatment to make skin lightener.

Many people who are self conscious with their skins appearance turn to products like these in order to lighten the imperfections in their skin. Some of these imperfections with continued usage are said to improve within 4-6 weeks. The way it works is that it penetrates the skin and prevents melanin production. Melanin is what gives our skin the color. Therefore, the end result is the outer most layer of the skin becomes lighter.

The only way that it will work is through continuous use. Therefore if you stop using it the product will no longer work. It is kind of like the diet you tried and didn’t stick to. You know what I mean. The only downside to this so far that has been noted is that with continuous use of any type of kojic skin whitening products you have the chance of developing skin sensitivity and possibly a form of dermatitis. That is why it is important to find a kojic acid product that contains the cortisol compound in it which helps with this side effect.

There are a number of different products with this dervative based acid in them in addition to kojic acid soap. and they all basically have the same result. This is the lightening of the skin. Skin lightening lotions with this substance can be used as an alternative to the soap. If you chose more then one skin whitening product, remember to keep in mind the side effects.

It is very important that you check with your doctor before using any skin whitening products.  Always be sure to do your research and find out if this treatment or any other type of treatment for that matter is appropriate for your health. I am not a medical professional or a licensed dermatologist so it important that you cover all of your bases with your doctor.

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