Kojic Acid Side Effects

As you probably already know, kojic acid has become one of the most popular (if not the most popular) skin lightening treatment in the US. But are there any kojic acid side effects you should be worried about? Here’s the answer…

Kojic Acid Side Effects
For decades hydroquinone was the most popular skin lightening cream in the world – it worked but also had side effects. There have even been studies which suggest hydroquinone may cause cancer. Thank goodness we have kojic acid, which has not been linked to that same dangerous side effect!

However, there are a few kojic acid side effects you should know about…

Sensitive Skin: This happens to be the most well known side effect of kojic acid. Basically, there has been research which suggests that if kojic acid is used repeatedly for extended periods of time, the user’s skin may develop increased sensitivity which some say might become permanent to some degree. Technically known as dermatitis, this side effect be characterized by increased itchiness, red rash, irritation, etc (similar to poison ivy).

Therefore, obviously if you were to develop these symptoms over time, you should discontinue use and ask a dermatologist about these side effects. That being said, I personally have not heard of anyone experiencing these side effects while using kojic acid products. But even though it’s very rare, it’s still something everyone should know about if they plan on using kojic acid long term.

Other Side Effects: A cosmetic side effect one should consider is whether or not they like their skin being lightened. Although that is what kojic acid products are used for, some people don’t like the results. Fortunately, unlike hydroquinone, with kojic acid treatment your skin will usually revert back to its original tone over time. For more information about potential kojic acid side effects, speak a doctor.

What’s my opinion on the potential side effects?
Whether its food, medicine, or anything else… we all respond differently. So in reality, almost everything has side effects for some people. Kojic acid has been used since its discovery in the eighties with few reporting side effects. It also makes me feel better to know that kojic is derived from mushrooms and the fermentation of rice, so it’s a natural ingredient rather than something artificial. The bottom line is that in my opinion, kojic acid skin lightener is the best option out there.

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