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Q: Can you tell me where to buy kojic acid serum and which kind is best? I am having hard time finding it. Thanks!

A: Over the past few years the skin care industry has been shifting away from heavy creams and more towards serums. The benefits of serum based products is they aren’t thick and goopy, which usually means they’re less likely to cause breakouts. Plus, you can sometimes layer products (like a serum as the base and a normal moisturizer above) which makes serums ultra versatile!

Now when it comes to kojic acid serum, unfortunately it’s not all that common, yet. However there are a handful of serums with kojic acid available and it seems that more are trickling onto the market all the time. A few that I know of but have not used personally include:

Devita Skin Care – They have a few skin whitening products on the market and a neck & decollete kojic acid serum as well as a general skin brightening serum with kojic acid.

Reviva Labs – This is a great company based on the East Coast that has a few kojic acid products on the market, unfortunately I would classify them as more cream like rather than a true serum.

Is Clinical Skin Care – They have a product on the market called Hydra-Cool serum which I do not personally like, but I’m sure others may feel differently.

Lancome Absolue – We all know how great Lancome makeup and other Lancome cosmetics are. Well now they have this product out that contains premium ingredients like bio-yam, brown algae, and kojic acid. I saw it at Macy’s and it was quite pricey, but I’m sure you can get it cheaper online.

In addition to these, there are few others too. Not to mention, new kojic acid products are coming out all the time so keep your eyes peeled!

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