Kojic Acid For Acne

Q: Does it make sense to use kojic acid for acne?

A: Well, that depends on where you live and what type of acne you have. In the United States, kojic acid acne treatments don’t really exist – rather it’s primarly sold for lightening purposes. It’s also only sold as a beauty product (therefore its effectiveness has not been officially evaluated or endorsed by the FDA).

So you should understand that it is really something that should be researched further before deciding one way or another. However I decided to scout out the web to see what others are saying about kojic acid for acne and whether or not it’s any help.

What the forums are saying…
I visited one board about acne and read some mixed reviews. One person mentioned she had an allergic reaction while using kojic acid for acne, so she had to discontinue treatment. Meanwhile another person said it’s helpful as an acne scar removal product. Rather than using the cream based products, some say they have had success using kojic acid soap, such as likas papaya soap which contain what some call a kojic acid acne remedy . Reportedly, it may help to cleanse the pores and therefore could potentially be helpful for some types of acne.

What’s my personal opinion…
Personally, I feel there just isn’t enough evidence out there to support kojic acid for acne as a truly effective solution that’s safe for long term use. That being said, using kojic acid products to diminish scars has been done safely now for quite some time and with great results. Although it’s up in the air about whether it’s the best way to treat acne, one thing is for sure, and that is it’s one of the most effective acne scar remedies that we know of to date. So for that reason, I think kojic acid products might be a great addition to your acne regimen.

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