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Kojic Acid Dark Circles

Q: Will kojic acid help dark circles under eyes? A: Thanks for your message Emily, and yes, that is an excellent question. Being that this ingredient is so effective at lightening the skin, it only makes sense to use it for dark circles… or does it? Not exactly. Here’s why… Understanding dark circles We all […]

Kojic Acid Acne Scars

Q: Can you use kojic acid for acne scars? A: Despite the fact that I’m on my way to be thirty years old, I still suffer from acne on a regular basis. Although it’s not as bad as when I was younger, I still get a big pimple every week or two (in addition to […]

Kojic Acid For Acne

Q: Does it make sense to use kojic acid for acne? A: Well, that depends on where you live and what type of acne you have. In the United States, kojic acid acne treatments don’t really exist – rather it’s primarly sold for lightening purposes. It’s also only sold as a beauty product (therefore its […]

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