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Is Kojic Acid Safe

Q: Is kojic acid safe? A: This is a question I am frequently asked and for good reason! There are some things you should know about kojic acid before you start to use it. I’ll summarize a few of the bullet points below, but keep in mind I am no doctor, and that’s who you […]

Kojic Acid Side Effects

As you probably already know, kojic acid has become one of the most popular (if not the most popular) skin lightening treatment in the US. But are there any kojic acid side effects you should be worried about? Here’s the answer… Kojic Acid Side Effects For decades hydroquinone was the most popular skin lightening cream […]

Kojic Acid Melasma

Melasma is a somewhat common dermatological condition, mainly affecting females. Kojic acid melasma treatments are a popular choice to combat this type of skin discoloration. What is melasma? If you stumbled upon this page through searching, then you are probably all too familiar with this condition. Melasma refers to facial hyperpigmentation which is triggered by […]

Kojic Acid Products

When it comes to skin whitening, perhaps the most exciting breakthroughs are kojic acid products. This natural ingredient comes from certain types of fungi. Many consider kojic acid lotion to be the top whitening skin products because they make it easier to treat large areas. This acid is derived from mushrooms and is known to […]

Kojic Acid Serum

Q: Can you tell me where to buy kojic acid serum and which kind is best? I am having hard time finding it. Thanks! A: Over the past few years the skin care industry has been shifting away from heavy creams and more towards serums. The benefits of serum based products is they aren’t thick […]

Hydroquinone Kojic Acid

Without a doubt, the two most popular skin lightening products are hydroquinone and kojic acid. In fact, they’re so popular some people have the idea that combining them would be a better way to go. But are these hydroquinone kojic acid combinations a good idea or not? First, here’s a brief summary of each ingredient: […]

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